• #progress

    Black-lacquered nails
    I M... more »

  • A Chorale

    Dew on the desert: idle dreams
    Are nourishment enough, in youth;
    Years demand deep roots: a man
    Will thirst, pursuing idle truths.... more »

  • A Hymn Of Praise

    The keys and staves demark strait paths
    The restless note must travel on;
    The note's the beast that carries
    The burden of the sound.... more »

  • A New Lament, And New Hope

    Who rules the master,
    Who serves the slave?
    Who tries to linger?
    Who tries to leave?... more »

  • A New Song

    My mind moves to a chorus,
    My brain moves to a gong.
    Sopranos catch subtleties,
    Sometimes the basses get it wrong.... more »

  • A Rehearsal For A Song

    If I could sing - my heart,
    Then, never would be sung.
    If I knew my heart,
    It never would be shown.... more »

  • A Song Of

    It's not how your life was formed,
    It's not just how you reached the end;
    I'ts not the songs or rhymes you made
    It's how you sought to make amends.... more »

  • Adonis

    Where hope dwells, there the wolf
    Nips at the heels of Arcadian
    Legends. Send us dreams enough,
    Minerva and Orion.... more »

  • Alice

    Alice, not trusting memory to betray her completely,
    Set watchmen on far hills to light signal fires;
    And every time the fires burned, she lost
    Another memory, and cried a little more madly.... more »

  • All Things May Move Joyfully

    All things may may move joyfully,
    Shimmering in the night we share -
    All movemements of the wind or sea
    May bring us there.... more »

  • An Archbishop In Arabia

    The Archbishop walked in the garden
    In the desert where he dwelt;
    There were rumors of horizon
    Which seemed to say farewell.... more »

  • Anecdote

    A nameless one, who toiled alone,
    And waited for the telephone
    To ring, grew restless on a day
    When winds blew all his dreams away... more »

  • Apostrophe

    Why is it, do you know, that
    Memories of you are silver,
    And I stumble onward
    Seeking your steep path?... more »

  • Autumn Friends

    We have a window, shared, upon the world,
    And lift a hand to measure out the miles.
    When grey clouds come, Autumn Friends smile:
    Our hands clasp, if only by shared words.... more »

  • Be Here

    Although the day was full of grace,
    I frowned because your face
    Was not there.... more »

  • Beauty, As She Passes By

    Some by scorn, some by sword,
    Some in lust, some in fright,
    Quarrel over dusty words,
    Ancient wrongs, ancient rites,... more »

  • Before I Cross The River

    There is a hill ahead,
    And Death is behind the hill;
    I urge the horses onward, onward....... more »

  • Below The Waves

    Below the waves:
    I thought I was above
    The surface,
    But now I am... more »

  • Do Angels Guard The Gate?

    Who guards the gates of paradise?
    Dæmons or angels? And who
    Sorts out the rubbish and the lies,
    The gantlet that mankind runs through?... more »

  • Dover Beach, Revisited

    Come praise unnecessary wars, although
    Videos and narratives must disprove
    Theses of conspiracy theorists, who
    Govern us from their pretended love... more »

  • Emily

    All in the evenings, sweet Emily
    Would walk by the water's edge, dreaming
    Of a voice that might wake her forever
    From such idle revery.... more »

  • Empire

    Be not surprised that Empire
    Bestrides the world today.
    You, see, Pocahontas:
    It has always been this way... more »

  • Green Dreams

    I dream of you, love.
    My eyes are downcast
    When you appear in my dreams.... more »

  • Haze

    His last days, he remembered
    Ouachita mountain haze
    Where he sought his love
    In former days:... more »

  • I Was Not Taken

    I was not taken by the claws of love,
    Nor bound upon a bloody rock;
    I heard no angels, saw no dove,
    No eagle, nothing in that dark.... more »