• I Will Not Leave You (Yes)

    Though the starlings mock you,
    You must say, Yes
    Though the long train of history leaves the station,
    Though the children wave goodbye from distancing windows,... more »

  • I'M Cool With That

    Come praise the stars, the wind, the rain
    That course the earth; come praise the pain
    And pleasure that the years bring forth:
    Praise every particle of the Universe.... more »

  • Jacinta

    Flee, Jacinta - to the caldera
    To escape the floods -
    Fly, fly away.... more »

  • Jacinta Iii

    There was no reason
    No reason at all.
    Jacinta wept,
    For no purpose.... more »

  • Jacinta Iv

    Please, señor,
    ¿May I refresh your drink?

    You sit redfleshed, hairy... more »

  • Jacinta V

    Once again, Jacinta, I return.
    Miguelito is not dead,
    But he has changed his mind.... more »

  • Lear, And Darwin

    The raindrops pound upon the nerves
    The winds howl stringently, and sing
    A song to fill a winter night, a surge
    Of rage against a bitter fate, a king... more »

  • Leaving

    The thought of leaving
    Left me, by evening.
    'I will stay, ' I said, 'to watch the grass grow.
    I will remain. When you hear the cricket,... more »

  • Lebanon

    A man whose wounds were healed, perhaps,
    Grew restive as the seasons lapsed;
    Faltering footsteps, one by one,
    Led him to snowy Lebanon.... more »

  • Lost In Snow

    No matter what the dreams may say,
    Mortal dreams must pass away,
    Lost in sand and lost in snow,
    Where all mortal dreams must go.... more »

  • Love Song

    See, I am full of clouds today,
    Mists and winds and prophecy,
    Living at the periphery
    Of the holy ocean.... more »

  • Migrations

    Somewhere, far beyond the sky,
    Fledglings by the millions fly -
    Testing wings and tasting winds,
    Preparing for the foreign lands.... more »

  • Mothers Day

    ... more »

  • Natasha

    'Natasha, Natasha, ' cried Old Grandmother,
    'Run, call the geese, draw water from the river,
    Because the moon is rising over the mountains.'
    Natasha spilled the river-water, left her waterfowl forgotten;... more »

  • Night, And Dawn

    Ghosts roam the night, to seek the sleepers out
    And feast upon their dreams. Ghosts search the night
    For old memories, the sound and sight
    Of passions they have lost in silent ground.... more »

  • Once In A Blue Moon

    I wished upon the Moon, last night.
    One never knows what She may do:
    Deserts, and gardens of delight,
    She rules. We lunatics pursue... more »

  • One Hopes

    I am old enough to remember
    So many things, so many things:

    The blackbirds singing in the morning,... more »

  • Politcal Science

    The Law of Supply and Demand
    Governs political enterprise:
    Politicans sell such wool
    As people need for their eyes.... more »

  • Pray For Dawn

    Some fathers died, some sons were killed;
    Some were afraid, and some gung-ho;
    Some went back against their will;
    Some lusted for the chance, to go... more »

  • Stand Up

    Rise up, you gentle heroes: rise up and sing a song.
    Sing of the future, now: your dreams shall carry you along.

    Ignore doubts sown by enemies who lead you to your fate: .... more »

  • The Dsl Bunnies

    There was a family of orphaned bunnies that lived in North Carolina,
    And rains from Tropical Storm Ernesto flooded their burrow.
    They had just gotten a new computer, and a DSL line. A
    Torrent of rain caused - is this possible? - bunny brows to furrow.... more »

  • The Man From The Nether Lands

    The man from the nether lands
    Had such troubles on the mind,
    He let his nose grow great
    To sniff the winds,... more »

  • The Man Who Cried

    The man who cried against the wind
    flew up through hurricanes of doubt
    one season when the winter's rule
    ran sternly; his arms were bright,... more »

  • The Man Who Loved The Sea

    The man who loved the sea
    Had hands of iron;
    By the time he came back from the sea,
    His fingers were rusted to the bone.... more »

  • The Promised Land

    The Promised Land is anywhere
    Good men do not live in fear,
    But a liar must take care
    Lest the the neighbors idly stare... more »