• A Dangerous Game

    Unlike the skillful blending of fine wines
    to please the more sophisticated tastes,
    the game of mixing politics and religion
    is played in fields of verbal land mines,... more »

  • A Thousand Love Affairs

    It has been said, a man can love a thousand women,
    all in the same old way that one-day butterflies
    love flowers, because there are so many,
    that touching only one in their short life... more »

  • Afraid To Dream?

    Deep in our hearts and minds persist
    unmentionables that in our waking hours
    are safely hid behind dark veils of privacy,
    hung there to shield our image from ourselves..... more »

  • Axioms For Life

    How do we prove that 1 + 1 makes 2?
    We don't, we just accept it. But why?
    Because our teachers told us so,
    and on, and on, and on, and on,... more »

  • Becoming A Man

    I was swimming in the chilly water
    of our family's barbecuing pool,
    waiting for uncle Chris' booming
    'Dogs and buns are ready! 'call.... more »

  • Clean Poetry

    Writing a poem, to me, begins with
    inhaling, deeply, God-given inspiration,
    lighting a fire that either warms my heart and
    activates my mind, or burns my soul, if uncontrolled...... more »

  • Collateral Damage

    Sharp fragments of hot steel,
    embedded in scorched earth, along
    with half-burnt baby shoes...... more »

  • Death Is A One-Way Door

    Death is a one-way door, locked on the other side,
    impenetrable and opaque, like hardened steel,
    designed to keep us earthlings out of heaven...... more »

  • Dream-Built Shelter

    I am ashamed, my sweetheart, to confess that
    this earthly shell of mine still deeply yearns for yours...
    I fear this hidden tremor may turn into a major heartquake,
    unless your gentle spirit surrounds and soothes me... more »

  • Dreaming Towards Reality

    you are still so much here,... more »

  • Forced Audience

    To my Angel Frieda:
    Immersing myself... more »

  • Fourth State Of Mind

    The substance we call water
    occurs in differenT forms:
    as fluid, ice or vapor.... more »

  • God Changed The Odds

    God made the universe too wide
    to be enclosed by boundary lines,
    eternity a constant flow of time,
    with no beginning, and no end...... more »

  • God Is Still There

    Does ever life on earth appear
    to have become a meaningless existence?
    Do you feel driven by just one desire,
    one desperate wish, 'Oh, God, just let me die...'... more »

  • God's Master Plan

    Lord of the universe, You let us probe
    the fearsome voids of outer space,
    the hellish fires that in volcanoes rage,
    the cold, dark secrets of the deepest seas,... more »

  • God's Poetry

    To give and gratefully respond
    to beauty, love and tenderness,
    to lose yourselves, but gain
    a truer, greater and, finally,... more »

  • Human Computer

    Let Christ, your Savior be
    a real presence in your life,
    without Whose help you could not be
    this very personal, unique computer system... more »

  • I Was Deaf And Blind

    For years, I lived a lonely life
    in an imaginary underworld... more »

  • Intelligent Designer

    Our hearts and minds are miracles of art,
    conceived by God's Intelligent Design,
    among countless other masterpieces,
    that range, beyond our comprehension,... more »

  • Last Winter

    While Momma squirrels scratched for food... more »

  • Lava

    Emotions, unbridled, are
    like red-hot lava streams which,
    to be of any use, must first cool down
    and turn into rich, fertile earth, but even then... more »

  • Lethal Music

    I parked my car on a lakeside lot, planning
    to eat my lunch in peace, seated comfortably
    on my driver's seat, with all my windows open,
    and the radio softly playing Liszt sonatas...... more »

  • Lions And Doves

    Lord Jesus, teach me to turn
    contempt into concern,... more »

  • Loving Our Language

    Why should I ever want
    my poems to convey
    their messages in clear
    and unmistakable terms,... more »

  • Mary Magdalene

    Mary Magdalene, on that first Easter morning
    you could still see Him, hear Him, but alas,
    were not allowed to touch Him any more...... more »