• Accident

    Smash goes the crash of the unexpected
    Here now the harsh moment stunningly new
    Falling away changing all that occurs
    For you instantly and with a shifting... more »

  • Advisory

    A reminder to those who travel
    That they should beware the flap
    Of first-class curtains up the aisle on the run
    The Tuesday sky shining in blueness to the sun... more »

  • Argument

    Words play themselves out,
    Bombarding the space
    Of conversation
    With chaotic discord,... more »

  • As You Go Away

    Your face
    The lingering loss
    Of sunlight on the green

    Your scent... more »

  • Aubade

    There is nothing waiting at end of night,
    Merely the onset of regular day,
    Practiced routines pawned off in the light.

    Dreams suddenly unknown slip out of sight,... more »

  • Break

    Nothing much happens
    For the longest time
    And then something explodes
    Part and parcel... more »

  • Burritt Street

    In San Francisco's financial district
    Downtown, there is an alley, Burritt Street,
    Jutting out where Bush Street roofs the Stockton
    Tunnel, dark site of fictional deceit... more »

  • Cafeteria Lunch

    Lunchtime in a cafeteria, the
    Chatter of conversation between bites,
    With multiple utterances joined
    As one persistent, cacophonous din... more »

  • Counterpoint

    Dim gray early morning light,
    Shrill birds singing through the open window
    In a wild declaration of life,
    As the woman's voice outside... more »

  • Cross Purpose

    The sleep of lost words from a rolling dream
    Waiting for the tunnel with averted eyes

    The steep of high hills on the outskirts of town
    Kissing down the night in a slap of wasted time... more »

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Cryptic, these discrete fragments of wordage
    Mulled at the kitchen table during lunch
    Or late in the evening prior to sleep;
    Good for the brain some physicians might say,... more »

  • Crusader

    In his eyes the look of certainty,
    What really chills is his lack of doubt,
    Righteousness stalking in pricks of gray
    And that smile! So unforgiving,... more »

  • Death Of A Coworker

    "It's a damned shame that he died all alone, "
    You say with ambivalent sympathy
    At one point during the course of the day,
    Now funereal with the death of a man... more »

  • Deluge

    Summer's evening storm
    Darkens my window
    With the close pressure
    Of humid air... more »

  • Domestic Disturbance

    As the couple next door
    Resume hostilities
    Bits of their detritus
    Float in the August night;... more »

  • Down The Shore

    Summer sun
    And fairground turn,
    Afternoon edge
    On the cusp of a smile.... more »

  • Dream

    Your lost metaphors
    Try to knock
    Down the walls... more »

  • Early Retirement

    Your last day here, thirty years
    On the road to something else,
    The bounty of a hedging reward
    Laid out like some glittering promise... more »

  • Fireworks

    Spent fireworks, dribbling in the dark sky,
    Sharp lines and specks of light melting, fading,
    Washing away with a faint cracking sound
    While the accommodating audience... more »

  • Five Years

    Five years of childhood,
    Elusive blinking snapshot memories,
    No world except the confines
    Of my own limited experience;... more »

  • Fleeting Thing

    Nobody knows this tune you see
    The one with the sorry sting
    Don't ask me how it came to be
    It seems such a fleeting thing... more »

  • Forget About It (If You Can)

    There is a little something
    On the periphery
    That ruins everything
    Or so it seems to me... more »

  • Fragmentation

    Broken glass and all
    I wait behind the mirror
    For a tweak of sun
    Stroked to languid hills... more »

  • Graduate

    Commencement proceedings are done
    This Sunday afternoon and wind blows,
    Rustling the green leaves of the trees
    Beyond the vacant athletic field;... more »

  • Heartbreaker

    Leaves rustling green in the summer field,
    Lying like day on the afternoon.

    Eyelashes curling all the way to fast doom,... more »