William Blake Comments (95)

He is a great poet all his poems are very nice to read
I love the tiger
It is very good poem and a great poet
It is very good poem and a great poet
Super duper yaaaaaaa
William Blake Poems is best
he's born to create some magics through his poem
William Blake. Story
William Blake. Stry
Nice poem its very interesting.....
Nice poem
Nobody wants to listen to a robot butcher a poem.
get a live that is what you should do
great writer great artist good guy
poem the tyger
he's in this book called skellig, and we have to do an essay for it. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! ! I don't understand his poems!
this site stinks, it took me to a online clothes store and almost wrecked my laptop urhhh
i love all blakes work but i fell asleep whilst reading it
How Do you do. My name is Lady Serafina.