• A Bomb As A Fractal Poem

    A Bomb
    As a Fractal Poem... more »

  • A Face Is A Mirror Of The Mind

    Honorable Confucius used to say
    A face is but a mirror of one's mind
    I believe my observations to this day
    Upon the many faces I did find... more »

  • A Veil Of Fate

    The unkindly fate that veils the lover’s future
    Such is the barbarous condition of new love
    The imitative exercises of lost-loves past
    Forgotten from the mind of mortal beings... more »

  • About Her (Villanelle)

    She having filthy finger nails like that of a workingman
    She being found down by the shore, of Ice Lake
    She being the frozen nude woman... more »

  • About Maria

    Latino ladies dance and burn; Deep
    within the corridors of my concern

    Dancehalls have besoilled my mind... more »

  • Algonquin Canada

    The purity the palette
    The budding the gain
    The green of a forest in spring... more »

  • Amy Part One

    Your father he’s a gypsy
    His stay has grown stale
    He’s on the move again, as
    His heart begins to wail... more »

  • Amy Part Two

    I dreamt of time at Kouchibouguac
    Your mini white-haired thinker
    Whirling up and down the beach
    As Northumberland winds did screech... more »

  • Aurora Goddess Of Dawn

    Sunrise is the color of a love made
    Real life long lovers know this to be true
    A color that can never-ever fade
    Like precious Bavarian Danube blue... more »

  • Bartering Bliss

    The Beachfront Café
    Is where she
    Parks her geometry
    Economically challenged... more »

  • Beach Butts

    Armed with a keen appetite for observation
    And, an exigent hunger for a sunny destination
    I’ve traveled our wonderful world, far and wide
    With unwanted travel partners by my side... more »

  • Birds Of A Different Feather

    I walked on William's Trail today
    With many birds of many kind
    I heard the words they had to say
    The sense of which I could not find... more »

  • Birthday Trauma

    My friend looks older every time I see her
    She habitually tells me
    You look good for your age
    You haven’t aged a bit... more »

  • Brunette Sunset

    We lie beneath the squeaking trees
    An earshot nigh Grand Lake
    A breath away from love to make
    And feel the fading summer breeze... more »

  • Brunette Sunset Ii

    Seeking solace from a heated holiday
    Where young and seasoned come-forth to play
    Tactically poised below the willow tree
    The margaritas begot a twist of liberty... more »

  • Cloudburst

    My telephone rang one fine spring day
    I was certain that I heard my sister say
    Your cousin Jim has just passed away
    I hung my head in sorrow as if to pray... more »

  • Death Did Us Part

    Our days together are as precious as any I care to recall
    An alluring film of perfumed mist enchanted your room
    Defusing the glitter of light so that the heavens we breathed
    Seemed to be composed of a mystical dust infusing all articles... more »

  • Dorothy Parker's Opus

    The silence of my inbox
    Lights up a blackened room
    I transpose poetic discourse
    And image how hurt you be... more »

  • Elegant Darkness

    One often sits in thought concerning a certain someone, a favorite place or a specific event within a timeframe. One may be alone within a bed space or a crowded room filled with strangers.

    However when one sits in thought one sits in total isolation in so far as one’s thoughts are concerned be it past present future fantasy or reality.... more »

  • Evermore (Donny And Amy)

    When Mother Nature’s calling
    And my mortality rings clear
    Voices I would aspire to hear
    Of those to whom I hold dear... more »

  • Every Minute Every Second Every Hour

    When days have been numbered and my beats have retired
    When my hair has all fallen and my demons have expired
    I shall have triumphed and I shall have undone
    The battles and the turmoil that will have been won... more »

  • Fashionable Air Kisses

    Nigh, ten eon dull abide
    When, sterling spirits smile
    And brown eyes glisten
    Upon initial glance... more »

  • Food For Thought

    When I was a young lad
    in grammar school
    the teacher told us
    that society deems it necessary... more »

  • For Lack Of A Better Word

    I am reminded everyday
    Of the swine that
    Inhabit the earth
    As I walk... more »

  • Hell Is Picturesque And Free (Part 2)

    This was Earth-coming to an end
    It sure as hell was pretty to see
    Science gave us the facts
    But we failed to listen... more »