Has been composing poetry since high school, and studied Creative Poetry as an elective at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Inducted (1992) into the Homer Honor Society of International Poets.
Founder/Publisher - Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and Nantucket Magazine. Author of books, The History of Wind Power on Martha’s Vineyard; The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves; and publisher/editor of Water Voices from Around The World – which won 1st Place Gold in the world's largest book competition for the book: 'Most Likely to Save the Planet.' Featured on CNN; CBS; NBC; ABC, and others.
Water articles and poetry published in regional; national, and international publications, including 5 articles in the Water Encyclopedia published by John Wiley & Sons. Marks also has a “significant presence” in the award-winning film “FLOW: For Love Of Water, ” now available on DVD after playing in theaters across the US and other countries.
As a college student - researched fish kills and water pollution. Was honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) “Citizen Activist Of The Year” award.
In the mid-1970s he lived outside for two years while traversing 7,000 miles across the United States from San Diego to Maine on a horse with a packhorse in tow. He called this project, RIDE FOR NATURE.


William E. Marks Poems

Billy Collins

The word went out - “For $75 you can take a workshop with Billy.”

High Noon, fifteen of us gather at a table beneath a shade tree near the sea.... more »


Like whispers – lost in a gust
voiceless moon slowly slips behind shroud of cloud
The whispers – revelations of our thoughts
the moon – a revelation of our stars... more »

Mind Mysteries

Sleep is crucial to our survival
without it we die
so the next time you sleep in
remember it is akin... more »

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