• Absurd!

    Who says is
    is not
    Who does
    is... more »

  • Adrift

    I awoke adrift
    in endless sea
    waters churning with yearning
    then... more »

  • Atlantis Rising

    Atlantis rising
    from depths of blue
    Yielding forgotten secrets
    of those like you... more »

  • Billy Collins

    The word went out - “For $75 you can take a workshop with Billy.”

    High Noon, fifteen of us gather at a table beneath a shade tree near the sea.... more »

  • Birth, Death, Rebirth

    TV news reports my
    friend’s brother death
    I telephone his home, a stranger’s voice -
    then my friend says “hello”... more »

  • Bottle Of My Being

    While hiking at twilight – a voice beckons
    “Drink from the stream”
    I follow... more »

  • Cassandra's Disease

    As a child she was introduced to Earth’s ocean home below
    to a large family hierarchy of seemingly endless waves of life
    Her grandfather took her by her small hand and said
    “Come with me Cassandra, let me show you what I see”... more »

  • Christmas Eve Presumption

    I remember years past at this time
    joining with friends sublime
    A-caroling we did go from house to house
    of those old alone people sitting inside at home... more »

  • Cosmic Sense

    Before I arrived where
    I am
    where I am was
    here... more »

  • Days Drift…

    waves of bird song disperse
    Once born – is forever... more »

  • Death Dream

    It is a wind-blown bluish gray day when I awake inside a dream - bouncing in the back of a creaky pickup with two earthy-looking young women - clothes soiled
    We pass a familiar landscape - an estate where I have been social
    The pickup stops at Alleys General Store
    On the store’s weathered porch sits an unshaven old man in soiled blue jeans, matching jacket, mud-stained sneakers - slumped forward - coffee in hand... more »

  • Dream Of Flying

    Walking in white bathrobe
    In middle of field surrounded by homes and fences
    People walking by - living their day
    I decide to lift myself to fly on high... more »

  • Dying To Be Free

    My first thought when I died was,
    “What a relief to be free of that body! ”

    It felt as though I was released from inside a prison... more »

  • Elusive Love

    Yes, my love
    true love may be elusive
    As we seek the ethereal with senses material
    fraught with doubt to fill one’s heart... more »

  • Endure

    Like whispers – lost in a gust
    voiceless moon slowly slips behind shroud of cloud
    The whispers – revelations of our thoughts
    the moon – a revelation of our stars... more »

  • Fame

    ... more »

  • Flowing

    Like a leaf flitting to and fro through the shifting air from up high to low - destined for new beginning – transforming – never the same – a moment grasped in hand from infinity to form shape in time to fill void with something collected from less into more

    Like a bird filling air with wave after wave of specific sound from center of being – finding origin from source deep within – to capture, compress and release the invisible as audible – to allow listening ear to hear song of moment – as focused energy for limited time flowing as something from nothing – to fashion godly fate on wing from chords touched by tension of tone – tone that stimulates stomata under leaf – just as our universe fills space with pulsing waves of material essence born from nowhere seen or known – having source through ethereal chords of celestial being – stimulating matter to manifest as multidimensional reality through concentration of vibration... more »

  • Flowing Flute

    Flowing waters fashion soils from stuff of stars
    as swirling cycles of atomic sun create seeds just for fun

    All to grace our Earth with life born from strife and love... more »

  • Fly Away

    D... more »

  • Hard Times

    This poem was presented at an art gallery on the island of Martha’s Vineyard as part of “The 2nd Annual Massachusetts Poetry Festival” The theme of the festival: “Poetry for Hard Times”

    Poem title: HARD TIMES... more »

  • In No Cense

    The colt galloped across open plain
    Daring reality with freedom found
    Leaving hoof prints in dry dirt as proof
    Something alive had made its mark... more »

  • Inspiration (Before A Live Audience)

    To be honest – inspiration may be found anywhere, anytime, in anything
    A gaggle of geese flying overhead
    Sitting in an outhouse in the middle of the woods
    A weed growing through a crack in the middle of a paved parking lot... more »

  • Invisible Message

    While walking the path
    the wind sneaks up behind
    gives a big push
    then goes on its way... more »

  • Lonesome Dove

    as an iconic
    symbol of peace
    the dove
    stands alone... more »

  • Love's Refrain

    Yes, we both know, my love
    true love is elusive in life's journey
    As we seek the ethereal with senses material
    we are often fraught with doubt as we fill our hearts... more »