• 4: 00am

    My heart has led me through the fire.
    Burning the bridge was a painful fight.

    I lost what I thought were friends.... more »

  • Affection

    It might have been things I've missed.
    Not showing enough affection, like a kiss.
    Am I just blind or just unkind.... more »

  • Against All Odds

    I hope and pray she'll come back to me someday.
    The love we shared remains in me and won't go away.
    Our dreams faded and she felt betrayed.... more »

  • All You Need Is A Friend

    All you need is a friend

    Who will understand my pain?... more »

  • Alone

    I sit and stare out the window as the world goes by.
    I've made it this far and wonder why.

    If I could take back the hands of time.... more »

  • Angel

    In the deep of my heart lies this angel.
    This angel carries me with wings so strong.
    Enough to carry me through the right from wrong.... more »

  • Apart

    In this place, filled with empty space.
    The pain in my heart becomes real.
    Missing your gentle embrace
    brings emptiness that time won't heal.... more »

  • Are You Old As You Think?

    Remember the days without any pain.
    Standing upright without the strain.

    You were strong, fast, sleek and agile.... more »

  • Believe In You

    Walking through life I look for signs of sanity.
    Balancing my life and looking for clarity.

    Trying to listen to the voice of reason... more »

  • Beyond My Vision

    I made so many mistakes.
    I left much heartaches.

    Do I need to understand the enigma?... more »

  • Blind Love

    Your heart tells me you are ruthless.
    My head tells me it's pointless.

    Loving another left my heart unprepared.... more »

  • Block Island

    Ocean waves crash along the shore.
    Seagulls shriek and soar.

    Reflections of the past cloud my mind.... more »

  • Broken Wing

    Confined to a hospital bed. The doctors
    have a look of hopelessness and dread.
    I ask god why am I not dead?
    I've changed my life for you. I prayed with you to get... more »

  • Bulletproof Heart

    Will I open my heart and leave you guessing?
    Will the vulnerability leave me defenseless?

    Do I want people to see behind this mask I wear?... more »

  • Caught In My Own Fears

    You have no one else to impress.
    The life you thought was yours is a mess.

    Are you still the same soul as before?
    Are you the same old tired bore?... more »

  • Causality Of Life

    The needles are the same.
    Warm fluids course through my veins.
    All remedies are unyielding.
    Holding on to mortality has left me crying.... more »

  • Chained To Fate

    The push and pull of all your dreams.
    Another day goes by swiftly it seems.

    Look within yourself to see what it means.... more »

  • Close Your Eyes

    The getaway is closing your blue eyes.
    Your escaping this world of demise.

    The cries of the despair grip you.
    Feeling alone not knowing what to do.... more »

  • Clown

    Hard rain falls on this place.
    Makeup falls from my face.

    The skies are dark and dreary.... more »

  • Communication Divide

    Spoken words come out in confusion.
    Meanings are all backwards.
    Intentions are meaningless.... more »

  • Computer Blues

    Does reality and virtual become synonymous with love?

    I look inside myself and I find myself alone.
    It's nobodys fault but my own. The true agenda not... more »

  • Crashed

    Eventually your heart will lose this fight.
    Your head will follow with anger then contrite.

    No matter how much you've taken.... more »

  • Cry For Help

    The beautiful shade of gray hair shows her age.
    Her psyche lives alone in a cage.

    My love grows stronger.... more »

  • Cyber Affair

    I stare at a blank computer screen.
    My emotional price was unforeseen.
    The intensity and passion was there.
    Only one of us cared.... more »

  • Dead End

    No one seemed to care or notice we were there.
    Never wanting people to see the pain we share.

    The nights shattered by helpless pleading... more »