• Terra Firma

    drinking champagne
    in savage champaign
    before I was born
    after I died... more »

  • Thalassophobia, I Love You

    they say that there's a dance hall
    right beneath this lake of sawdust
    where underwater towns
    have gone astray... more »

  • Thank You, Max Brod

    last night I slept in a closet
    with my coat made of tangerine desires
    and visions of distant permafrost... more »

  • That Motley Drama Of Scenic Solitude

    in the dead of (winter) night
    in the dead of winter (night)
    mime was executed for stealing pancakes... more »

  • Tonight

    I follow the home underneath the stars tonight
    the stars which show me lie in your eye and I
    want to lie next to you
    lie in your head, bath in your hair tonight... more »

  • Trains

    remembering me and my friends
    just wandering around the square

    there was snow and a lot of people... more »

  • Trees Outside The Cemetery

    gods and monsters
    and dogs in front of
    graveyard gates
    don't think about the future... more »

  • Undone

    as evening falls, I wistfully realize
    through haunted halls arise your cold eyes
    gliding and guiding me in disguise... more »

  • Vase Race

    the girl didn't want to talk about time travel
    and said goodbye to me soon and then left
    and I stood still, thinking about
    space continuum that repeats through history... more »

  • Void And The Wormhole

    he heard the golden trumpets calling
    sounds coming from an empty mansard
    as heat rises over his copper head
    over his eponymous cosmos... more »

  • Whistleblower Angels

    dwellings of myriad ragtag!
    over the fluid moors I salute you
    not hoping to see you again
    till treasure of divine tings and syllables... more »

  • Yellow Cranes

    where the hell
    do they come from?
    and where do they go
    after the work is finished?... more »