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In 1939, the year of my birth, a nearby Primary School in Beckenham, Kent performed a choral play called Rainbows by Janet Percy. The Prologue was RAPTURES by W. H. Davies. Is it possible, please, foe me to see the words? Thank you.
Still hard to comprehend a Newport boy could have travelled and experienced all as he did. Then to write it so simply and enigmatically, ok so beautifully. Thanks Davies, from Evans
Thank you for this poem . It is very beautiful
African jahil Fuck
Leisure by W. H. Davies...one of my favorite poems, , ! Such a great write..! ! I love reading it again and again..! ! Davies is a great poet to be remembered for all time to come
'Sheep' by W H Davies, submitted by George Sullivan 12 Nov 13 WHEN I was once in Baltimore, A man came up to me and cried, “Come, I have eighteen hundred sheep, And we will sail on Tuesday’s tide. “If you will sail with me, young man, I’ll pay you fifty shillings down; These eighteen hundred sheep I take From Baltimore to Glasgow town.” He paid me fifty shillings down, I sailed with eighteen hundred sheep; We soon had cleared the harbour’s mouth, We soon were in the salt sea deep. The first night we were out at sea Those sheep were quiet in their mind; The second night they cried with fear — They smelt no pastures in the wind, They sniffed, poor things, for their green fields, They cried so loud I could not sleep: For fifty thousand shillings down I would not sail again with sheep.
The man could see a century into the future. What a pitch perfect description of the Obama economic plan: Poor men need not go up so much as rich men should come down. Shared misery. Amen.
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