• A Gallop From The Train

    Though I can't afford a hunter -more's the pity,
    I love a rousing gallop like the rest!-
    Every morning as I travel to the city... more »

  • A Little Bit Of Garden

    We need no crown or sceptre,
    for now that it is spring,
    just a little bit of garden-
    and every man's a king!... more »

  • As I Wandered Home

    As I wandered home
    By Hedworth Combe
    I heard a lone horse whinney,... more »

  • As They Come

    Right and left the leaders wheel,
    Seeking gap and gate,
    Catch his head and give him heel!... more »

  • Biddy, Be Kind!

    Now what do you want to be playing about for,
    Reefing and reaching your head for the bit?
    This is the gentlest of canters you're out for,... more »

  • Canadians

    With arrows on their quarters and with numbers on their hoofs,
    With the trampling sound of twenty that re-echoes in the roofs,... more »

  • Colour

    There's colour in the woodlands as far as eye can reach,
    Pale gold upon the elm-tree and bronze upon the beech;... more »

  • Comrades 0' Mine

    If I call, will you hear me, O comrades of mine,
    When the sky in the East holds the grey of the dawn,... more »

  • Daffodils

    Ho! You there, selling daffodils along the windy street,
    Poor drooping, dusty daffodils - but oh! so Summer sweet!... more »

  • Drought

    My road is fenced with the bleached, white bones
    And strewn with the blind, white sand,
    Beside me a suffering, dumb world moans
    On the breast of a lonely land.... more »

  • English Grass

    Come, horsemen all, from every field
    And taste this rare delight,
    And see what English pastures yield
    To those whose hearts beat right!... more »

  • Foxhound Puppies

    Great big lolloping lovable things!
    Rolling and tumbling on every lawn,
    Tearing at slippers and bones and wings-... more »

  • From The Gulf

    Store cattle from Nelanjie! The mob goes feeding past,
    With half-a-mile of sandhill 'twixt the leaders and the last;
    The nags that move behind them are the good old Queensland stamp-
    Short backs and perfect shoulders that are priceless on a camp;... more »

  • Gone Away

    ‘ He's away ! '- With a quickened wild beat of the heart
    Every horseman responds, riding hard for a start,... more »

  • Hands!

    Hands! Gentle Hands!
    When the Field at covert stands,
    When your four-rear-old is sweating,
    Foamed and fidgety and fretting... more »

  • Harry Morant

    Harry Morant was a friend I had
    In the years long passed away,
    A chivalrous, wild and reckless lad,
    A knight born out of his day.... more »

  • His Epitaph

    On a little old bush racecourse at the back of No Man’s Land,
    Where the mulgas mark the furlongs and a dead log marks the stand,... more »

  • His Gippsland Girl

    Now, money was scarce and work was slack
    And love to his heart Crept in,
    And he rode away on the Northern track
    To war with the world and win;... more »

  • Hounds Going Home In The Dark

    Rustle of feet in the roadside grass,
    Trample of horses' hoofs, and - Hark!
    Blast of an anxious horn! Hounds pass;... more »

  • Hounds!

    There is music on disc and on wireless,
    Band-music, dance-tunes for the tireless,
    Sweet music from day unto day;... more »

  • If I Were Old

    If I were old, a broken man and blind,
    and one should lead me to Mid-Eildon's crest,
    and leave me there a little time to rest... more »

  • My Hat!

    The hats of a man may be many

    In the course of a varied career,... more »

  • Once We Went Gaily

    Once we went gaily with never a care,
    And the bigger the fences, the bolder we were;
    Once the wild wind was our spur and our lash,... more »

  • Our Heritage

    This is our heritage; the far-flung grass,
    The golden stubble and the dark-red moor;
    Men pass and perish as the swift years pass,... more »

  • Our Pilots

    You that run the reddened ditch among the drifted leaves
    May set the pace to conquerors and guide the sons of kings!... more »