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Shimmering hues alight the sky
Where o’er my head and past my soul
A thousand dreams will flit and roll
In timeless dancing for the gods... more »


Rancid, rotting, raving, eyeless, soulless in the night
Creeping, crawling, crazing, crashing, midnight calls the flight
Untold as yet, unknown to me, unfelt for warmth inside
But now it’s running, rolling closer, gliding as a tide... more »

Imitation Of Horace

can his gen'rous Soul confine
To a small Room, few Dishes, and some Wine,... more »

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Jessica Bacon 27 Mar 2008 06:09
Wow No One Has Left You An Comments.... I Feel Sorry For You.. Your Poems Are Really Good. I Have To Say 'For You' Is My Favorite. Anyways, For How Are You? I Hope Your Doing Well. Talk To You Later. -hugs- Byes, Jessica Lynn Bacon <3