• A Grain Of Sand

    ... more »

  • Are We Alone

    Are we alone and destined to be
    The only souls in the galaxy
    What cruel joke has so decreed
    Our destiny to breed and breed... more »

  • Bird

    You've often heard
    In early spring
    The bird is on the wing
    But that's absurd... more »

  • Born Equal?

    What do I owe my fellow man
    Of equal skill and mind
    Friendly support an upward hand
    A word that's soft and kind... more »

  • Children

    Children are laughter uncontrolled.
    A joy to love, to kiss and hold
    A boundless shape of energy
    A treasure so short a time to be... more »

  • Contentment Two

    To wake up in the morning
    to a brand new day
    To look around and see
    that every things OK... more »

  • Different Eyes

    A different place with different eyes
    With greener grass and bluer skies.
    The eyes that looked on yesterday
    Saw so much less in every way... more »

  • Earth

    This Pale blue orb that we call earth
    Spinning since it's ancient birth
    Hangs Silently in time and space
    Suspended in an endless chase... more »

  • Eternity

    I traveled to the edge of space
    To find eternity
    What I found was an empty place
    That just went on forever... more »

  • Eternity 2

    On the edge of time and space
    I searched to see a godly face
    Only silence echoed back to me
    In that empty silence I began to see... more »

  • Existence

    I've often wondered why we're here
    And as I aged it all came clear
    The why of my existence is a simple theme... more »

  • I Am A Mystery

    I have No beginning I have no end
    Some say I'm straight some say I bend
    I am your enemy, I am your friend.
    I am a mystery.... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish:

    I wish I was more sensitive to children.... more »

  • Life

    We struggle from the dark to reach the light.

    We were warm and safe and now we feel the cold.... more »

  • Life 2

    Life 2

    I was not
    I was... more »

  • Nothing Stays The Same

    Nothing, nothing, ever stays the same.
    Although we've parted, you are not to blame.
    We had a love that was to be forever.
    We promised that we'd never ever part.... more »

  • One Short Day

    What is life when all the veils are pulled away
    Two eternal nights on either side of one short day
    And in that single span of time we live and play
    What is life but one short day... more »

  • Snowflake


    I watched a lonely snow flake... more »

  • Songs To Sing

    Songs to sing

    Life has many songs to sing
    Winter summer fall and spring... more »

  • The Poet

    Poets write of death and love
    Of hell below and heaven above
    Nothing escapes the poets pen
    Not robin, sparrow, hawk nor wren.... more »

  • The Race

    There were many entrants in the race
    You managed to finish in first place
    You couldn't think, you could only swim
    What mysterious hand helped you to win... more »

  • What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

    Lyrics by: Alan Bergman
    Lyrics by: Marilyn Bergman
    I want to see your face in every kind of light... more »

  • What Did The Desert Spawn

    Long ago in distant lands
    Borne from sun drenched desert sands
    You came to be what you've become
    Through fearsome belief in your nostrum... more »