• A Walk Before Breakfast (Newquay 29 September 2007)

    The lazy sea crept in along the bay -
    No battle twixt the rocks and waves today;

    The early sun is now obscured by cloud... more »

  • January Blues

    The sky's still dark and yet it's now midday
    And January gloom is here to stay.

    For days the forecast tells of wind and rain... more »

  • Ode To Barclay - A Very Special Cat

    With slanted gaze in regal splendour,
    Quiet and calm, to all, the lender,
    By the Cotswold stone-flagged fender
    sleeps the cat.... more »

  • The Grammar Lesson

    Careless use of preposition,
    Up with which I cannot put,
    'End a sentence with? - NOT EVER! '
    Scolds English teacher with a sigh.... more »

  • The Winter Sundial

    The wintry sun slants soft against the gnomon
    From which hangs a glittering silken thread,
    Lingering presence of spider unknown,
    Frozen in time, so patiently it waits.... more »