• Acid Tears

    I remember the good nights
    me and her singing and laughing... more »

  • All The Days Of The Week

    Monday's a drag, Tuesday's never better
    Wednesday sucks, and Thursdays wetter

    Friday looks promising, but it never pans out... more »

  • At The Midnight Hour (The Souls Of Man)

    At the midnight hour
    To hell the souls of men... more »

  • Beacons In The Night

    The birds in their nests
    And the love all around
    The light from the moon
    The bugs on the ground... more »

  • Between Love & Man

    The feel of a woman's skin
    When she's lying in your arms
    There's nothing better
    And you know they'll come no harm... more »

  • Broken Home

    Crying is for the weak
    Love is for the poor
    Time is for the meek
    She'll walk out that door... more »

  • Carry You Through

    I'd give you my heart
    For a nickel and a dime
    You're the perfect part
    I wish you were mine... more »

  • Cell Block A

    I spit out rhymes left and right
    Make you look for the light

    You haven't played this game... more »

  • Crucified (Neither Saint Or Fiend)

    Crucified for bullshit lies
    Sent to hell for all eternity
    Angels moan and the lover cries
    Didn't live up to a burial at sea... more »

  • Daydreaming

    Baby I see your silky white skin
    When I feel it I start to grin

    Your fiery eyes tell the story... more »

  • Dead Town

    I drove in to a town thats dead
    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

    I'm seeing things and the things I'm hearing... more »

  • Demon Road

    On a long deserted highway
    Miles away from the destination
    Wishing I could just fly away
    Fighting half of the nation... more »

  • Dirty Little Secrets

    Dirty little secret, thats what I'll be
    My love I'll give you, and its all free

    Dirty little mind and a dirty little hand... more »

  • Discount Heart

    You're staring at a simple man
    A cowboy hat and a guitar in my hands

    A pen and paper to write everything down... more »

  • Distant

    Friends, like the fleeting wind of change
    The world goes around two more times
    I feel like the target on a rifle range
    Did it get lost in the unusual rhymes... more »

  • Don'T Be Afraid To Live

    Give the devil his due
    Give Muhammad Ali his too

    Give the angel her wings... more »

  • Don'T Cry

    This love is rocky, but its worth saving
    The final stone, we need to start paving

    My infidelities are the worst part of my past... more »

  • Down This Road

    It's a long long road ahead
    Mile markers are flying by
    Trying to clear my head
    This time I'm gonna fly... more »

  • Dull Side Of A Knife

    I miss the way your kisses taste
    The safety I felt in your arms
    I hope our love wasn't a waste
    I hope I didn't cause you harm... more »

  • Ending In Tragedy

    I'll get back up when you slam me down
    When you hit me, I'll make no sound

    If you cut me I will bleed... more »

  • Endless Cycle

    My mind is a prison with many metal bars
    I try to run from it, but I can't leave the scars

    My memory is the warden that presides... more »

  • Eternal Flame (Reliving That Day)

    What the hell am I doing
    Like a deaf bird cooing

    My life's flying by so fast... more »

  • Everything Under The Moon

    She's my everything that I've never had
    She's gone from my life and all I am is mad

    Sad, angry and frustrated at a memory... more »

  • Evils Time, Evils Place

    This country has gone to hell in an instant
    Freedom for what, the government's pissed on it

    My salvation is what sets me apart... more »

  • Exorcist

    Exorcist is what they call me
    The demons, only I can see

    The holy book and the cross... more »