• Faces

    I have many faces you may not see
    You never know, but I'll always be

    Kind and gentle, loving and caring... more »

  • Fate

    Every road is the start of another
    Every bend just one more ex lover

    Winters are never the same... more »

  • Find Your Way Home

    I lie under these western skies
    I hide behind these hazel eyes

    I ride a horse of a different breed... more »

  • Free Again

    You never liked this hat
    I always knew about that

    You didn't like my music either... more »

  • Gods Love

    I look to the Lord above
    And feel his almighty love

    He helps me stand when I fall... more »

  • Great Revolution (Roll The Dice Part 2)

    Thrown on my ass, after being thrown out of the casino
    I made my way to the baseball memorial to see the great bambino

    Clear my head and make some decisions about my life... more »

  • Grey Matter

    I feel like hiding my face in a picture
    Dorian Grey would have gave this lecture

    The man who would never age... more »

  • Heartaches & Hangovers

    Heartaches and hangovers
    One after another... more »

  • Her Loving Me

    I may not be the greatest poet in the world
    I'm no where near a saint
    I would give it up for this special girl
    Every time I see her I almost faint... more »

  • Horror Fiction

    Hockey mask down the line
    A glove with knives you find

    Dripping coming from the stairs... more »

  • I Can Save You

    I can't change mankind
    But I can change myself
    I can't save the world
    but I can save you on a shelf... more »

  • I Don'T Understand (A Few Questions)

    Lord, I can't understand
    How some are put through hell
    And some live in luxury
    While others are put to the test... more »

  • If You Decide To Come Back To Me

    I'm here sitting, standing, waiting, watching
    I'll be here sitting, standing, waiting, watching

    If you decide you need a break, you know where I'll be... more »

  • I'Ll Be There For You

    I pray for you every night
    I'll protect you from the fight

    In the shadows while you shine... more »

  • I'Ll Give You Roses

    Roses and a bottle of wine
    We'll share love and laughter
    Tonight I'll make you shine
    You're the one I lust after... more »

  • I'M Sorry (Poem For Ashe)

    I'm sorry for that day
    That day I let you down... more »

  • In Between

    Sitting here looking at the moon
    Just like that night in June

    The radio playing a song that I can't remember... more »

  • Just Ex Lovers

    Bleed for me baby
    Falling for your tenth story

    Why are you still lying... more »

  • Laying In The Mud (Tales From The Fire)

    Rifle blasts fill the air
    Most are shouting it isn't fair

    Rebel leaders are breaking through... more »

  • Leaving Her World

    Standing on top of the world, as his fell apart
    Someone left his mind and took out his heart

    The greatest smart-ass of the world couldn't see... more »

  • Life Is Lying

    Scars will heal and dust will clear
    Is there meaning in this to fear

    Accidents happen every day... more »

  • Lonely Ain'T Killing Me

    Someone save me from this loneliness inside
    When you come around it runs and hides

    But when you leave it comes around again... more »

  • Lonely Lookin'

    Lonely looking in the middle of the night
    Not looking for trouble, she had no fight

    love found luck after a brief reprise... more »

  • Lost Track

    I'm not that hard to find
    All you have to do is rewind

    I'm on the corner of lonely and gone... more »

  • Loyalties

    The shit that rips and tears
    Everyone's up in arms
    Running around like no one cares
    Words that cause harm... more »