• A Cup Of Tea

    Let's all have a cup of tea,
    Even though the weather is bad.
    There's storms predicted on the telly,
    It might make us sad.... more »

  • Bruce Forsythe

    Bruce Forsythe is many years old,
    He has a nice moustache.
    If you don't like Bruce Forsythe
    I say you're being harsh.... more »

  • Crazy Crack Christmas

    Jingle bells,
    Bingle jells,
    Santa Claus on crack,
    He comes down the chimney again... more »

  • Halloween Madness

    Crazy things happen at Halloween
    In a crazy town, it's true.
    Like when a skeleton went to the pub
    To use the loo!... more »

  • Hey Mr Politician

    Hey Mr Politician,
    Have you any integrity?
    I think not.... more »

  • Pay Your Tax!

    I hate it when companies don't pay tax
    I really think they are very lax
    I'm tempted to send them an angry fax
    I'd love to give them a few whacks... more »