William Shakespeare 26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616

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He is the greatest poet at all
A great poet of all seasons. Good work you have shared with the world.
Born and dead on Avon the same date,23rd April Romantic playwright Shakespeare none can ignore! He ever lives in his 32 Plays and 154 Sonnets......! His plays are mirror to life reflecting about humans In seven ages of men opening the curtain to show As child, pupil, lover, soldier, courtier, wise, old man! What a quintessence of precious dust man is, he says! Warrior, philosophic in nature, gentle and noble man Surely cannot take revenge on murderer of his father! Unlike Hamlet, Prince Hal jovial with fat Falstaff, yet At the time of emergency fights bravely for nation And proves himself to be worthy son to his father! That character Shakespeare develops further into His favourite hero Richard III and gives a sketch And full picture to the best he can to immortality! Comedy or Tragedy or history, he shows his skill, Power and range depicting characters none can forget And refer in life parallel happenings to one and all! Whoever loved, that loved not at first sight.....? Love at first sight we came to know from him first! Romeo and Juliet & Antony and Cleopatra live long! Star crossed lovers' hearts stricken with arrow Cupid boy releases from his bow never fails and Lovers live or die together to be immortals ever! Cleopatra's serpentine beauty captures hearts of Emperor Julius Caesar and his faithful friend Antony Till death and suicides herself by the bite of snake! He creates romantic love life controlled by Nature At first and at the end of his career makes Nature Go under the control of man envisaging future too! For him life is such stuff as dreams are made on And is rounded off with a sleep at the end sure! Closing curtain so in blank verse he ends in sonnets!
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