William Shakespeare 26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616

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he is the most famous writer in English and yes he was talented
when did Shakespeare start poetry?
I have been a Bardaholic ever since I discovered his work in class in High School. The secret (if there is one) is that our teacher had us Read the Work Aloud. Bingo. As I've just discovered this list, and as we celebrate his birth in exactly 1 week, here's a celebration of the day I discovered my love of the Bard: The Earth Corroborates My Find Stranger in town, I am alone as I leave the Harvard COOP (rabbit warren of books, books, books) pleased with myself and with my find for under my arm is a hard cover edition impeccably edited by G.B. Harrison of The Complete Works of Shakespeare As I trudge through Harvard Square my feet crunch and sink through the outer crust of snow, frozen thread from sky to earth, that sucks at me as mud but winter’s chill on my bones is overcome by the warmth of this my find for all but the apocryphal plays are now at my fingertips destined to be well marked and thumbed in my Shakespearean peregrinations: From The Comedy of Errors through the Henries and the Richards to the sublime valedictory of The Tempest, all here All here Venus and Adonis The Rape of Lucrece the cryptic, enigmatical Phoenix and the Turtle and the Sonnets, open windows to the Bard himself all of whom I feel I’ve freed These many lives I carry with me lost in this realization, when a bird chirps my senses back to the moment – such a moment! aware now for the first time the sun is peeking through winter’s miasma, melting icicles evanescent on the trees, revealing tiny mighty green buds a’growin’ and up through the snow crocus pushes toward the sky my leaping heart begins to sing we join the chorus, ghosts and I for it’s now Hallelujah Spring!
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