William Shakespeare Comments (263)

How is Shakespeare No.2? ? ? He isn't even primarily a poet like what? ? He makes OK poems and great plays but seriously No.2? ! ? ! ? ! That is stupid.
Very good but something is wrong
its realy amazing
sonnet 18 is the best👍
william shakespeare can suck my ceesy
William Shakespeare (Haiku 15) - Poem by Jez Brul Your forehead so vast Like earth's panoramic view; I cannot fathom. Jez Brul
hey guys welcome back to another fortnite video today we will be doing YOUR MUM
this is an amazing poem
Nice story
What are all these comments Hahaha
What are all these comments Hahaha
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I LOVE every thing you have ever written i will hopefully because of your inspiring poems will become a writer and/or an author by MUHHAMMED LEE
I absolutley love your poems they inspired me to want to become a writer or an author myself xxxx
i'm learning about william shakespeare in high school it is sooooo boring
I liked ur poems they may be hard to understand at first as they were written in the 17th century and today is the 21st century XD
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Never mind
Never mind Wieieieiekwkejjejej