William Stafford January 17, 1914 – August 28, 1993

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Hello Pamela Rogers THE LITTLE GIRL BY THE FENCE AT SCHOOL Grass that was moving found all shades of brown, moved them along, flowed autumn away galloping southward where summer had gone. And that was the morning someone’s heart stopped and all became still. A girl said, “Forever? ” And the grass. “Yes. Forever.” While the sky — The sky — the sky — the sky.
Nobert Hirschhorn is preoccupied with the apparent, incapable of appreciating the spaces of the mind which may guide us to universal truths. You cannot blame him; for urban life with it's trivialities, ultimately constricts- builds walls of concrete & glass which keeps in facts but excludes the Truth.
Can someone tell me the name of the poem by William Stafford that someone on Oregon Art Beat recently referred to as having helped her during a time of grief? It ended with the sky, the sky, the sky. The title was something about a little girl and a fence for something? I've not located it as yet. Thanks for any help.
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