• Family

    Which with others you may share,
    But, true family's are wonderful something precious something rare.

    Sometimes I'm in trouble and a helping hand they lend my family will always listen, and understand.... more »

  • Motor Ways

    i think Motorways are a pain
    every road looks just the same,
    The only thing you get there fast,
    but the journey's made to last,... more »

  • My Dearest Dear

    My dearest dear, My heart beat's faster at your tender touch,
    Your smile, Is like the sun upon the shore,
    Open and true, it makes me love you more,
    O! my dear, don't let the sands of time,... more »

  • My Eyes Are Dim.

    My eyes are dim,
    I cannot see the light,
    each day, just looks like the night,
    I feel my way around the room,... more »

  • My Prayer.

    I kneel me down to pray and think about today,
    Did I do the things that are right and did I say my prayers last night.

    Was my laughter much to loud and was I standing much too proud,... more »

  • Smile

    I like your smile, when i visit,
    Your smile warms my heart,
    You try so hard to hide the pain,
    And always look the same,... more »

  • The Place I Love

    high on a hill in the Lakes beside a stream i rest,
    The green grass lightly swaying in the place that I love best,
    the ripple of the water running thought my hand,
    the silence that is golden, now I understand.... more »

  • The Robber

    Put up your hands the robber said
    as he pulled the old lady out of her bed,... more »

  • Young At Heart

    I know a man of forty,
    who looks like twenty one,
    his hair is black as ebony,
    he's tall and straight and walks with pride,... more »