i was born in clinton missouri grew up in illinios till i was 8 and then when i was 9- 10 i grew up in the ghetto it was hard everynigh i was worried about getting robbed or shot i was so happy i when i was 10 i moved back to missouri and know o am 12


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Good And Bad

i hear the clinging of
my moms old piggy bank

i hear the singing of my... more »

God Blessed America

god blessed america when he made the earth
god blessed america when he sent his son to sacrifise... more »

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Herbert Nehrlich1 18 Apr 2005 04:23
I assume that your first name is Winter and I want to be the first to welcome you to this website. I am a bit of a talent spotter and I can tell that you have 'it'. Now comes the phase of developing your 'craft' and that will come naturally, with you just practicing and allowing its natural progression. From what I have seen of your writing so far I think you will be an excellent poet and hope that you stick with this (as compared to soccer...) as this is you. Best wishes, Herbert