• Misery

    I can see you standing there
    A smile on your handsome face
    Your eyes are staring back at me
    Your mind in a different place.... more »

  • Miss You

    When I entertain the thought
    Of maybe seeing you again
    My heart begins to flutter
    As I think of how it all began.... more »

  • Mom

    Mommy tell me more
    about when you were young
    Mommy will you please
    sing me a song you sung?... more »

  • My Husband

    Dear husband it is true
    Your love is my life
    It was an honor
    To become your wife.... more »

  • Naive

    I was too young
    You were too old
    How many times
    Should we be told?... more »

  • Not Him

    When I close my eyes, it's you I see
    Even as he enters me.
    I hear your voice, I feel your touch
    As he says 'I love you so much.'... more »

  • Pain

    the pain is blinding
    like white lightening
    shooting through my soul
    leaving a dark and empty hole... more »

  • Regret

    I see you across the room
    Sitting silently by
    While I ramble on and on
    Waiting to catch your eye.... more »

  • Your Eyes

    Your eyes show me the heavens
    Too pure to describe with a word

    Your eyes show me the future... more »