• A Friend

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  • Clouded Day

    The images of the sky
    Changing in a blink of an eye
    Filing our hearts with amazing wonder
    Transforming ordinary clouds... more »

  • Damaged

    I was damaged - I still am
    But when I put the thought of being broken behind me
    Choosing not to be the victim
    It made me open my eyes to the world and see... more »

  • Flat Surface

    I left it all behind
    To be with you
    I followed you
    Till the ends of the world... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought he liked me the way I liked him
    I thought at least we were friends
    I thought he could be trusted
    I thought he wasn't like the others... more »

  • I Wanna Man

    I want a man
    That's as addicted to me
    As I to him
    I want a man... more »

  • Love Me Love You

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  • Memories

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  • Pained

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  • The Term

    Life is hard
    Its like playing cards
    You only know whats in hand
    Never knowing whats to come... more »

  • Time

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  • Where Are You

    Where are you
    When i need you
    How could you leave me
    I did nothing to you... more »

  • Where It Comes From

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  • Who I Am

    The things I did when I was young …
    I still do it now; I know it's wrong but…
    I don't do it now…
    I knew my right from my wrong…... more »

  • Wrong

    It's just so hard to be nice
    When something hurts so bad
    And i wonder all the time
    How to go back to the past... more »