• A Sweet Summer's Night

    A sweet summer's night when the ladies danced and the midnight flowers came out.
    Along came a robin who sat on a bobin and pecked at my head all night.
    I cast him away but he sat there all day untill the sun went down.
    Then the whole flock came and chased me away.... more »

  • Artemis' View

    Among the trees,
    Away from the cities.
    Walked a goddess,
    Never seen as any less.... more »

  • Beauty

    Is beauty what you see in magazines or
    on runways.
    Or is beauty the clothing you wear,
    the make-up you put on, or... more »

  • Death

    Death awaits for everyone
    young and old
    sick and fit
    poor or rich... more »

  • Different Game

    I am different,
    but I am the same.
    Others do not understand my pain,
    they say they feel the same,... more »

  • Home

    A home for a heart is a santuary
    a safe place
    a haven
    it calls to it night and day when it is aways... more »

  • Knowledge

    When mountains move and rivers dry, so shall I.
    When the dead arise and flowers fall, so shall all.
    And when you go to the end of the earth and beyond you shall know everything of everything.
    Then the mountains shall still and the rivers fill.... more »

  • Love

    If love is the tingle in my toes
    The tickling of my nose
    The feeling of missing you when you walk out the door
    Then I am deep inside your heart... more »

  • Musical Whispers

    Music is soft,
    music floats aloft.
    Then it whispers in my ear,
    that I should come near,... more »

  • Roanoke

    In 1587 long before your time,
    We sailed to an island with barely a dime.
    117 of us were scarcely alive,
    but I, Emma, had managed to arrive.... more »

  • Why

    Why, when it hurts?
    Why, must I wear these skirts?
    Why, not these?
    Why, must I please,... more »