• A Mirror Of Her

    A demon
    A angel
    A sinner
    A saint... more »

  • A Single Kiss

    The smile drew me in
    The talk kept me there
    The wihspers in my ear made me care
    The single kiss upon my lips sealed the deal... more »

  • Angels In The Sky

    Angels Fly,
    Angels Cry,
    Angels fall like a river wide,
    The unseen but seen... more »

  • Covenant

    bOy's Only
    pEntagram... more »

  • Feeling Hurt

    Hurt with sadness
    Hurt with pain
    Hurt with hate
    Hurt with the feeling its all my flaut... more »

  • Forget Him

    Forget his name
    Forget his face
    Forget his kiss
    His warm embrace... more »

  • Giving Up

    I gave up on love
    I gave up on her
    I gave up on ever lasting anything
    I wish I wouldn't have had to... more »

  • Hate Or Love

    The title mit not make senece but that what it is all about Hate or Love.... more »

  • Hope

    Twilight takes me to the night
    The night speaks to me,
    Like the moon reminds me of you
    Stars look down on me... more »

  • Knowing Nothing

    She says she loves me
    She says she cares
    She said she needs me
    But in the end she says she lies... more »

  • Leave

    Leave me alone
    Leave me crying
    Leave me in pain
    Leave me without your love... more »

  • Life

    A burning fear of love
    A burning hate of death
    Always following you
    Chasing your sanity to the edge... more »

  • Lost

    Lost in thought
    Lost in time
    I lost my mind
    Trying to find... more »

  • Love & Hate

    Wishing I could hate her
    Falling more every time
    FIghting to stay away from her... more »

  • Love And Lost Love

    I see her wallk around happy and joyful
    I want her in my life any way I can
    She doesn't know what I feel
    She knows I lost a love... more »

  • Love Kills

    Love is like Anthrax
    Feeds off your body from the inside out
    Eating away every bit of you till theres' nothign left
    It may seem like nothing to start but in the End... more »

  • My Other Half

    He knows me like no one else
    He shows me the truth that I refuse to see
    He tells me what may hrut but it is nessicary... more »

  • My Suicide

    My heart is gone nothing left
    Time to do it no other choice... more »

  • Running Away

    The trees wisper,
    with following eyes,
    as I run through the woods like a brid in the sky... more »

  • Sarow

    Sitting in a stage of sarow
    the perfect stage set
    hating myslef
    loving the Lost... more »

  • The Extrardinary Girl

    She's an extoraney girl
    In a ordinary world
    And she can't seem to get away... more »

  • The Final Battle

    The sword hit like a strike of lighting
    Wonded yet strong
    Push on through
    Fighting all who come along... more »

  • The Sands Of Time

    Time after time
    You look back
    Trying to find what was dgood and bad
    Looking over and over... more »