• A Returned Love

    When I met you, all former feelings
    In my dead heart became alive.
    My soul has gained undreamed-of healings
    It wants the golden time revive.... more »

  • All Scheduled Trains To Leave The Station Going

    On the ground,
    Topsy-turvy fallen leaves, sweeping wind.
    In the crowd,
    Our eyes met, accidentally seemed...... more »

  • Ballade Of Time

    All’ be gone, be gone forever,
    Nothing will be back returned,... more »

  • Departure Place

    Where Will Be My Departure Place?
    Amongst the fields? Amongst the bays?
    For what the Dome of Fate still stays,
    Close to these dark and worthless days?... more »

  • In Unison With Auld Ballade

    Why dost Thou build the Dome in gleam,
    The Son of winged and windy Days?
    Dost Thou believe in false, in dream,
    And wast in want Thou quiet place?... more »

  • Is It Freedom?

    Is Russia land of freedom?
    No, Russia is a people's prison!

    Россия - страна свободная?... more »

  • Old-Fashioned Lovers' Tune

    Lanterns dropping yellow tears,
    Rain is sprinkling from above.
    And I whisper, whisper: “Please,
    Could You verse Your tender love! ..”... more »

  • Parting With Old Abbey

    Good bye, my Abbey dear and good,
    Good bye, Thou ancient dome!
    There where the knights of Brotherhood
    Kept their kind-hearted home.... more »

  • Rue And Love

    Around all start shining full of bright ray
    And all water streams is beginning to sing.
    And all life becomes living with laws of spring
    Now the love, you can’t leave,... more »

  • So Fun!

    So fun!
    There passing by a stranger,
    He looks like shadow ranger.
    So fun!... more »

  • The Carriage Third, The Place Is Second…

    Already winked at you at station
    The green-eyed hasty traffic light
    And ready start the conversation
    The wagon wheels in dead of night.... more »

  • The Cry

    Where are my poems?
    In Putin's ass.
    Where are my dreams for the best?
    In Putin's ass.... more »

  • Through Midnight Dumb

    Through midnight dumb, and branches dense.
    Myriad of stars I see and sense.
    I hear my heart's the dreamless voice.
    Should make I now the painful choice.... more »

  • В унисон со старою балладой

    Для чего же построил Ты храм,
    Сын крылатых и ветреных дней?
    Ты ль поверил несбыточным снам,
    Возжелавши покоя сильней?... more »