France has none to envy to any part of the world in Metal matters, with such popular bands like Scarve, Gojira, Dagoba and Lyzanxia. XTRUNK is out of that generation evolving in a brand new “modern metal” melting thrash and Swedish death, all embellished with samples. The audience is totally assailed by some huge tormented guitars riffs supporting by a powerful l rythm section, neatly matched with melodies, samples and bursting solos.the lead vocal is agressive, caustic and melodic in the same times which it gives a particular vibes to the band. One word: METAL

From 1993 and through 14 “long metal years” made of a lot of live performance and 2 released albums (“Dream Machine-1995” and “Etherias-2002”) under the name of MEDUSA that Gil (guitar, songwriter) and Errol (bass) started their first collaboration bringing them years later to formed XTRUNK.Created since January 2003, the band, evolving through
a power metal sound with their alternative thrash/death lead singing, linked up later by John, the band fast recorded a first demo called “of hate”under the name of “TRUNK” with their former singer called Sly, stimulating interest all around.

In 2005 after a few line up modification like the coming of a new lead singer Fredd, former singer of BLACKOUT who performed a lot of shows in Europe and also signed by “Perennial Quest Record” label for their eponymous album in 2002, has given a new powerfull energy to XTRUNK. More motivated than ever the band released “ALL COMES TO AN END” their 2nd demo which it will lead them to shares shows with such greats bands like DAGOBA, BENIGHTED, KRAGENS.In the beginning on the year 2006 XTRUNK filled out his rhythm section by a drummer named Tay who did not hesitate to
move from his home in Austria to join the band. As the band now fully completed, XTRUNK, really wants to make people hear about whatever it might takes.So they did, by making their first album “Not In Vain” mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom (At the Gates, In Flames, Soilwork….) at the famous Fredman Studio in Sweden.

Made of spite and experience shaped into a box of creativity, XTRUNK through its newly album “Not In Vain” wants to make sure the entire world will “headbang” along! !