• Anything 4 U

    I would do anything for you
    Just to bring a smile to your face
    Just to hear you laugh eternally
    Just to show that I love you... more »

  • Bitter

    Time will wear out
    With the dread of weary
    That ate your soul... more »

  • Even Though We Said Good-Bye

    Although I can't be close to you,
    Watching you from the distance
    With your new lover
    Smiling and laughing... more »

  • Forget Me

    I’m waiting
    And waiting
    For you to forget me
    And I will forget you... more »

  • Holding On

    As I lived on
    As I learned
    As I thought about life
    I started to realize... more »

  • I'M Sorry For...

    I'm sorry, my dear friend Sophia
    I'm sorry that I always let my anger out on you when you didn't do anything wrong
    I'm sorry that I wasn't there when you needed me
    I'm sorry that I... wasn't a good enough for you... more »

  • Is This The Feeling Of Love?

    The feeling that makes my toes to squirm
    The feeling that makes my tummy warm
    The feeling that makes my nose to itch
    The feeling that makes my face to turn into a strawberry... more »

  • It Won'T Be

    It won't be me anymore
    That will shed your tears
    From all the bitter thoughts
    And words... more »

  • Just You Only

    Your love for me is greater than this universe
    Beyond the stars
    Beyond the comets
    Beyond the planets... more »

  • Last Words

    The last words I can say to you
    Before I'm gone
    Is that I've always loved you... more »

  • Life Vs Time

    The greatest enemy of life is time
    Time always gets in the way
    No matter how much we try to avoid
    It follows you around... more »

  • Love - My Only One - Sweet!

    I'm writing this only for you
    No one else but you
    It shows my love for you
    That willl never change as we get older... more »

  • Memories

    Every memories you have are precious
    Happy ones, sad ones, angry ones, and foolish ones
    But they mean 2 things in general
    They show what you've gone through... more »

  • My Dreams

    My dreams are somewhere
    Where it's beyond my reach
    Where it rests in peace
    And everytime it sees me... more »

  • My Only Father - Only One

    I can never ask God for a greater father than you
    You listen to every words I say
    And you feel how I feel in every way... more »

  • My Only Love For You

    I always loved you ever since
    Even if I didn't say it to you
    I always loved you
    No, my love for you is beyond just a love... more »

  • Not Just A Mom

    My mom isn't just a mom at all
    She's also something else
    My mom isn't so quiet or shy
    But she's proud and doesn't care what others say about her... more »

  • The Perfection Of The Perfectionist-You

    You don't have to be gorgeous for me
    You don't have to be a genius for me
    You don't have to be a model for me
    You don't have to be an entertainer for me... more »

  • This Last Moment

    With my last moment of you
    I want to make good memories
    That I will always have
    In my heart... more »

  • To See You

    Every time I sleep
    I see you in my dreams
    Your smell
    Your prescence... more »

  • What More? Not Money!

    What more can I ask for
    What do I need?
    What do I want?... more »

  • Wishing... Stay Like This Forever

    I wish we could stay like this forever
    The warmth that comes from our hearts
    Will warm the whole world
    From all the bitterness... more »