the reason i am laughing so hard is because i just droped a nuke on mason! ! !

P.S. if ur emo and u know it clap ur hands *clap* *clap*


Ya MUM Poems

My True Love

I don't remember how we happened to meet
or who got along with whom
but i do remember heaps of people
walking in and out of my life... more »


Black is the night sky
the colour of an adult fly.
Black is a cloud of hail
Black is the writing, written on the mail... more »

Mon Vrai Amour (My True Love: French Version)

Je ne me rappèle pas comment nous sommes arrivés rencontrer ou qui est entendu avec que mais je rappèle des
tas de gens marchant dans et de ma vie mais seulement mon vrai amour est parti une trace sur mon coeur... more »

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