• “gift To The Darkness”

    This is a loss, it was said.
    He’s gone for a reason you know
    Its kind of not like he’s dead
    It’s just that he had to go... more »

  • A Stranger To Most, An Open Book For Some

    [He prides himself in honesty
    Doing everything he tries perfectly
    All except for modesty]... more »

  • All I’d Leave Behind

    As I walk the streets I know so well
    And up the steps of a church I rightfully call mine
    I see the friendly face of someone who knows too much
    Yet does not say it and is not imposing... more »

  • All I’d Leave Behind ((2))

    The busiest intersection
    That I’ve crossed too many times
    The deli across the street I know like the back of my hand
    I can find anything better than any employee... more »

  • All I’d Leave Behind ((3))

    In the school where I spent six years of my life
    The halls that I ran through
    I see the six graders now and they look smaller than I remember them
    And the teachers look more forgiving then,... more »

  • All You Need Is Me.

    So many love poems and not one seems just right
    Nothing to describe what happens when you’re in my sight
    Cuz baby its like I’m the steering wheel and you’re the car
    Baby its like you’re the sky and I’m the star... more »

  • Dialogue.

    I want to get out of here and run away
    I want to stay, face my fears, win his love...
    I can’t stand another one day... just like today
    I can’t just leave, fly away, not a bird, not a dove... more »

  • English 3

    1. The instructor said,
    2. Go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you- Then, it will be true.
    3. I wonder if it's that simple?
    4. I’m sixteen, Hispanic, black, European, quarter Jewish, born in New Ro... more »

  • Falling To Pieces

    Nothing goes right and nothings okay
    Everyone said it’s alright but thats easy to say
    That all I had to do was change
    Then, I would grow out of it with age... more »

  • God Are You There At All.......Ever

    She ate something
    No, not of her own accord
    It was given to her
    She bent over, it came up and... more »

  • His Last Words

    The heavens open up in showers
    Open the gate shall soon be
    Those cowards now bet on the hours
    The man on the cross is whom they’ve come to see... more »

  • I Am Because You Are.

    I need to just say a single line
    That although sweet, wont make you mine.

    That what makes you different, makes you great... more »

  • Like We Are Just This One Man Army.

    Sometimes we feel like we can do everything alone
    Like what we need is to be on our own.
    Like we are just this one man army.... more »

  • Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is

    Love is the coin in the fountain
    The wish that’s never granted
    Love is the night sky that has more stars than you need
    But less stars than you want... more »

  • Loves And Lovers

    I’ve seen many loves and many lovers
    Many happy endings that after a while you discover
    I’ve seen loves in a mist of war
    And I’ve seen loves painting their faces with forget... more »

  • My Hearts Museum

    Maybe not a present but its what I wish to give
    Something a peasant would end up giving a king
    Maybe I’m not taking you to Italy, Sicily or Rome
    But into a simple museum carved out of mere stone... more »

  • My Life.

    My life seems to be made of miscalculations
    Of A web of failed relations,
    Never exceeding, already placed expectations,
    And of false worded yet true, accusations.... more »

  • My World Would Be Worth Giving If The Last Thing I Saw Was You

    If today was the last day I could see…oh baby if you knew
    That my sight would be worth giving if the last thing I saw was you

    If today was the last day I could ever hear a sound... more »

  • New Brand Of Feeling

    Touching is a new brand of feeling
    A static tingle that conducts from your body to mine
    I’ve been touched before but when you touch me I feel it
    Really feel it... more »

  • 'No Ideas But In Things'

    Diminutive, humble although alluring and appealing
    Even substantially obstreperously
    Bewitching in a way
    Though quick to induct reflection and contemplation... more »

  • No Theme.

    I always know what I want to say
    And I always know it won’t come out that way
    But to tell you everything is a sublime aim
    I don’t want to say were forever cause’ that’s a time frame... more »

  • One Second Of A Perfect Whatever (Love You Forever)

    One moment could mean so much
    One thought could be lost to a touch
    But one wish could also be gained
    A selfish thought easily entertained... more »

  • So That All We Hear Is The Chirp Of A Lonely Bird

    Some Crazy thing inside told me money is what anyone would want
    Or some Material thing you could easily flaunt
    But inside an emotionless place
    I found something money could never replace... more »

  • Some Questions....

    If its not a poem, then it wont rhyme?
    If you have no clock, do you lose time?
    If you don’t talk, does that mean you lost your words?
    If it flies, does it always mean it’s a bird?... more »

  • Something A Friend Would Say

    somebody today told me you didnt feel okay
    That you locked yourself in your room and cried
    I wanted to tell you this... more »