YK Yasmin Khan

I live in a strange world. The music of my life has its own rhythm. I write from imagination and inspiration. The canvas has no limits and colors can be picked from a personal experience, childhood memories, a person, a movie, a novel, a symphony, a painting, a picture or any poem written by a favourite poet.



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Yasmeen is a spark hidden in ashes, whenever this spark is aired the flames rise to a great height and we get light in the shape of her warming poems in the coldness of this inhuman environment.
Poet Yasmeen Khan One of the talented and gifted poet. Like Jasmine flower Keep on spreading the beautiful fragrance Through your wonderful poems. Thank you for beautiful comments for my poems. Continue writing and keep on adding wonderful poems to poetic world. Wishing you all the best! God Bless You!
Divine colours In charismatic splendour Mystical shades Basked in love Spirit in elation whirls and whirls Dance the peacock and along with him The whole universe! An Extract from Peacock Dance! Jasmeen Khan is one of those gifted beings who know their job well. A groomed poetess, with amazing aesthetics, knows the creation and appreciation of Beauty in all forms; and every visit to her page renders something rich to reader/s. God bless her! ! !