Yayati Gandhi Madan G Biography

The Timeless Quest for World Peace and Harmony

DR. YAYATI MADAN GOPAL GANDHI is an educationist, litterateur and publicist who has been in vanguard of many movements for sustainable environment, total disarmament, human rights and one-world mankind.
Associated with many national and international organizations for the promotion of Earth-Consciousness and Global Fraternity, Dr. Gandhi is a powerful voice in contemporary English Poetry and enjoys a unique place as a global icon of Mysticism and poetry for peace.
After his post-graduation in 1962, he got involved in teaching and research at the university level and conducted and guided research in International Politics, Nation Building, Good Governance, Rural-Urban Development And Design of Living in The Future, . He delivered hundreds of lecture on Gandhism, Sarvodaya Human Rights and Social and Political Movements in Third World.