Yehoshua Shim'onai Sept.12,1993

Yehoshua Hammoshil ben Peleh Shim'onai, Ishel Eved'Yah (literally, Poet/Parabler Joshua Son of Felipe Jimenez, Man of God [and] Servant of the LORD; real name Phillip Joshua Kalata Jimenez) , after his transformation by the grace of God from being a diss track rapper, is a Christian poet currently serving as a Sunday school teacher at Word of Hope Christian Family Church. He has also been an undergound recording gospel rapper after recording his first Christian rap track entitled 'Official Statement' under Free Mind Music. He chose the name Ishel Eved'Yah (Heb. 'Man of God, Servant of the LORD') as his stage name.

Unlike the other poems having rhyme and meter as their significant features, the poems of Yehoshua Shim'onai have different set of significant features, namely:

1. Parallelism - the most important element of Shim'onai's poems, which is a common literary feature of Hebrew poetry. It refers to the balance between two or more lines or stanzas, whether synonymous (similarity in thought) , antithetic (opposing thoughts) , or synthetic (completion of thought) .

2. Literary Beauty - a significant element of poetry that must be present in all poems. A poem must show an artistic impression by using imagery, figures of speech and symbolism.

3. Scriptural Inspiration - Shim'onai's poems are products of his understanding about the Scriptures.

Though some of his poems have rhymes and regular meter, Shim'onai only considers these features as 'additives' to his poems due to his high regard to parallelism.


Quotes (3)

Love is the very basic law of Christianity just as self-centeredness is the very basic law of anti-Christianity.
What I have learned after 5 years of being a genuine Christian believer
No color, position, or activity can make a man more than a man. He is just a man; nothing more.
The stand that I take against racism, supremacism, and discrimination.
How can the human mind know the exact measure of the infinity?
An argument for faith

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