Yehoshua Shim'onai Quotes

Love is the very basic law of Christianity just as self-centeredness is the very basic law of anti-Christianity.
What I have learned after 5 years of being a genuine Christian believer
No color, position, or activity can make a man more than a man. He is just a man; nothing more.
The stand that I take against racism, supremacism, and discrimination.
How can the human mind know the exact measure of the infinity?
An argument for faith
Enjoy life like the children. Think wise like the old.
About growing up.
What right do we have to complain when Christ never complained at all?
What I had learned as I went through moments of struggles.
No, I don't say the F-word. I'm a crowned prince and a crowned prince don't speak the language of mongrels.
Speaking as a rapper being a devout Christian believer and conservative. My idea of being a crowned prince is based on John 1: 12 and Romans 8: 16-17.
Grace isn't a liberation that licenses us to sin; rather, it's a favor that helps us to say no to sin.
It's actually a Tweet - my personal reaction against the modern day teaching of Hyper-Grace gospel.
Who said CHH can't make love songs? CHH is all about love and its Author, homies!
After listening to Christon Gray's 'School of Roses' album.
Give me a thousand reasons to hate you and I will remind myself a thousand times about that one reason why I love you.
One of my out-of-the-blue quotations in those days that I got hooked on Christon Gray's 'School of Roses' album
I don't look at a Christian by his theology. I look at him by how Christ has changed him from the inside out. I may not fully agree with his theology, but I will love him because he is my brother.
I posted this on Facebook as a reaction on the debates that I read in Christian forums.