Yehoshua Shim'onai Quotes

... after hearing the sermon, I broke down and wept in shame as I realized how I repaid the greatness of God's goodness and love upon me with my selfish and wicked ways. What's even worse is that I hadn't been as grateful as I should be after all the good things that He has done for me.
This one came out after I listened to our senior pastor's sermon in November 30,2014.
... to deprive an unborn baby the right to live is to counteract God's work. To counteract God's work is to rebel against His authority.
From my mini-sermon for Intermediate Sunday School class entitled 'Man: The Most Special Creation Of God.' It's an argument against pro-choicers.
... changes are necessary, as long as they are for the better. But the problem is that this world is not changing for the better; it's changing for the worse.
From my satirical essay/speech entitled 'I Guess The Good Old School Days Are Gone Forever.'
... we should also remember that our job, like Jesus', is not to convince people but to do 'the will of the One Who sent' us. For we are not to receive honor from people but from God.
From my devotional essay entitled 'Words of Wisdom.'
Christianity isn't even about survival of the so-called 'fittest.' Rather, it's all about survival of the meekest.
My reaction against competition among the modern-day Evangelical groups.
We are not priced by how good we look. We are priced by how much do we mean to our Redeemer when He gave His life for us.
My personal reflection on the surrealistic painting 'Peinture (Étoile Bleue) ' by the Catalan artist Joan Miró.
I say what people need to hear, not what they want to hear. I don't sugarcoat the truth.
When I was ask about my frankness.
I can take the pain of your absence. I'm soldier and I've been used to being hurt. Even so, it will hurt me.
I was missing a lady friend I was in love with when I said this.
If being kind is better than being right, we should stop jailing criminals.
My reaction to a tweet about political correctness.
That 'I Love Haters' slogan? Well, yeah, I love haters, but I just don't stand with them in their hatred.
Just one of my quotations under 'Stop The Hate', a slogan that I moderately support.