Yehoshua Shim'onai Quotes

Salvation is just the start of a true Christian life, not the pursuit of it.
Just an 'out of the blue' tweet.
Poverty isn't the very source of crime. The humanity's sinful, depraved, and fallen nature is.
My reaction to people blaming poverty for the evils of the society.
My silence doesn't always mean I don't care. As a matter of fact, my silence usually means I care enough to listen.
When I was ask why I'm silent most of the times.
The Christian life is by grace in the beginning (salvation) , by grace on the process (sanctification) , and by grace at the end (perfection) .
As I was explaining salvation by grace to a friend.
Selfishness is the core value of Satanism. Got selfishness? If yes, I have to warn you: that's some millions of fathoms down from heaven.
For young people who are too obsessed about expository videos and articles about Satanism in pop culture.
It's the real faith to the real Lord that really matters.
My reminder to a formerly peaceful Christian forum that became a foul debaters' forum.
Politics isn't the problem. Bad governance is. Because whether you like or not, Jesus will one day become the humanity's Sovereign Politician.
My reaction to those who say that politics is evil.
Facing the cost of following Christ? Congratulations! Jesus promised that your heavenly reward will be great!
My encouragement to my Christian friends in Facebook who were facing persecution.
Stop being like Gideon, asking for signs for lack of faith. Rather, be like Joshua, meditating on God's word daily in order to know His will.
My advice to a Christian friend who is asking God for a sign.
You can't say you have faith in God w/o having faith in His word. That just doesn't work that way.
As I was defining what Christian faith really means.