Yehoshua Shim'onai Quotes

I'm not a judge. I'm a witness to the truth. So when I'm telling you the truth, I'm not judging you. I'm just... uhm, telling you the truth.
For people who accuse Christians of judgmentalism.
Don't just be a Jesus-speaking rapper; be a Jesus-GLORIFYING rapper. Let Christ be honored in your art, not just spoken about.
It's a reminder to self as I was making the first volume of Reformation Mixtape.
When you turn to Jesus, you turn from sin. When you turn to sin, you turn from Jesus. Simple as that.
As I was defining the Biblical word 'repentance.'
Why can't we trust the consistently proven God? Is it just because we can't see Him? Or is it just because we don't want Him?
My reaction to frustrated atheists trying hard to disprove God's existence.
The poetry that I create is a joyful noise that comes out of a slumberous silence.
As I was listening to 'Ex Nihilo' by Andy Mineo.
All it takes is a reminder about God's sovereignty to realize that you don't have to worry about anything at all.
An encouragement to myself and my fellow Filipino Christians as we were facing the super Typhoon Ruby (International 'Hagupit'; December,2014) .
Love breeds life and hate breeds death. Therefore, if sin is still thriving well in your heart, that means you're loving it. If you still love it, then you are despising God. But if the love of Christ has so taken you, you will hate it and it will eventually die.
Reminding myself about genuine repentance.
God had graced (or favored) Mary to bear the Savior probably for the same reason that He had graced Noah to be the one through whom He would preserve the whole human race, Abraham to be the one through whom He would bless the nations, and Moses to be the one through whom He would deliver Israel out of Egypt. That's just how grace works.
In response to a question in a Christian forum, asking why did God chose Mary to bear the Messiah.
I'm not proud of winning an argument. Truth is, I mostly hate it because it usually means I've lost in another battle with my pride.
After seeing a picture post in Facebook of someone feeling proud whenever he wins in an argument.
As I was looking back to the days when I was still an unforgiving hater, I realized an irony: As I was intending to hurt the ones that I was resentful of, I was unintentionally hurting the ones that I love with my bitterness.
Some out-of-the-blue thoughts as I was attending our store in the market.