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The philosopher seeks.Truth through reason. But beyond reason, Truth is found in apprehension, in Poetry!
Profound concept of non-duality reality for Love and Joy and Pain are part of the same root.
MiTmite9, Your ignorance knows no bounds.
To be And oh, to lose
Tis a fearful thing to love To love what death can touch A fearful thing To love, to hope, to dream, be To be, and know, lose A thing for fools, ...this And a holy thing A holy thing, ... to love For your life is lived in me Your laugh once lifted me Your word was gift, me To remember this, brings painful joy Tis a human thing, -love A holy thing To love what death has touched And
Please explain to me why a poem concerning bin Laden's death and an anorexic cat lady are attributed to a man who lived in the 10th century. Yes... and why the photo?
Very important scholar and poet, but this could not possibly be his portrait - it is a photo, and he was born in 1100s - almost certainly before glasses were invented.