• Sky By The Window

    A pencil, some paper,
    a pen, and a chair.
    A desk by the window,
    and the wind through your hair.... more »

  • Springtime Season

    Trees swaying,
    brooks overflowing,
    eating ripe apples,
    and laughing away.... more »

  • Stay Young

    So many moons have come and went
    The promise made to live forever
    As children, we knew the frolic would not stop there
    You shared with me your life through your eyes... more »

  • Stitches On The Heart

    I have this vacancy right here
    Softly whisper your words into my ear
    And watch the hole shrink
    Fades away... more »

  • The Angel At The Window

    I longed to live a life once,
    Of which Darkness cannot pierce,
    And where keenest observation had saved me through the years,
    By watching signs for heartbreak,... more »

  • The Girl Who Played With Fire

    There was a girl who played with fire,
    Who bit the flame and nicked the pyre,
    And strode with barren feet on barren ground,
    And never was a fear of singed flesh found.... more »

  • The Hidden Secret

    The tree stands still.
    It moves its hands in a strange greeting,
    as the sunrays warmly kiss both my cheeks.
    All spirits of Mother Earth are listening for my depart.... more »

  • The Key To The Lock

    my heart has been today,
    For he has come,
    the one awaited,... more »

  • The Quiet Boulder

    The rock, and the wind, and the mountain, and river.
    The sunrays are masters, and the Sun is the giver.
    The towering mountain, it gives quite a leer,
    The savageful wind brings danger and fear.... more »

  • Tiger Raged

    What inspires the tiger that beats from within?
    Making my eyes crouch and follow jumping prey.
    Where is the desire to kill?
    To tear at flesh make it not my own.... more »

  • Water In The Coffee Cup

    A gentle orchid in the breeze,
    a boulder to rooted ground.
    Water always finds a way to make a rock so round.
    A song will always find a way to wiggle into your ears,... more »

  • What Lies Between

    you live to die another day

    with sinful sun and wicked rays... more »

  • When Is It?

    I ask myself sometimes,

    When it is you grew up so fast?... more »

  • Winged Toys

    The squeaky shiny hinges,
    like from oiled engines' roars,
    or swooshing green propellers,
    like lions' chases after wild boars.... more »

  • Without A Clue

    No one knows the rocks that burden my shoulder,
    breaking bones piece by piece.
    No one sees my rapid heartbeats,
    as they are drowned by head hard thoughts.... more »