• A Hero Is The Hardest Nut!

    ''A Hero is the Hardest Nut''
    a squirrel said to me,
    ''A Hero's shell is armour plated Kevlar Technology''
    ''I broke my teeth on Hero's,... more »

  • Breathe For Health

    I had built up pain,
    throughout the years,
    my negative thoughts,
    had brought me to tears,... more »

  • I Am A Carrier Pigeon

    (dedicated to Cher Amie the Carrier Pigeon of WWII)

    a relic from the past,... more »

  • I Surrender

    I never give in to torture,
    I never give in to pain,
    I never give in to mortars,
    nor in torrential rain.... more »

  • If I Am Made From Dna!

    If I am only from DNA,
    then how the heck am I here today?
    The drugs, the drink and illicit rendezvous,
    I chose the Life, I chose the booze.... more »

  • Jesus In Your Dna!

    Here's something,
    that They want me to say...
    When you dig real deep,
    YOU can find a Way!... more »

  • Jesus Said.....

    Along came Jesus and said... ''NO',
    You're not for them,
    send them below,
    I'm raising You up,... more »

  • Jesus Still Heals You!

    you have a dis-ease,
    it's deep in your heart,
    it rattles around,
    when 'you' let Jesus depart!... more »

  • Love Thoughts From Home

    Here's a little story,
    to the Para that I Love,
    just a few good words,
    sent from Heaven up above.... more »

  • Man Down

    Man down, Man down,
    what are we to do?
    Pick him up and carry him,
    across the line with you.... more »

  • Marriage Is Like A Battery!

    Marriage is Just like a battery,
    when in full charge of Love,
    for on the Right is the Positive,
    Power packed by God above.... more »

  • Master Patanjali Yoga No.30

    Harmony will set you free,
    disturbances bring you pain,
    Ambition brings no Peace to Earth,
    and worry is no gain.... more »

  • Planted Seeds In A Paratrooper

    I thought that Love would come and go
    and now I feel it start to grow,
    like a seed planted deep within
    and brought to me on his sweet grin,... more »

  • Remembrance Day 2012

    Hero's today,
    don't go to war,
    they stop the enemy,
    at the door,... more »

  • Thank You Mother And Father

    Have you noticed lately,
    things slipping away from you,
    and how Life's not quite going,
    the way you'd like it to!... more »

  • The Other Half

    To be a Para's other half,
    you have to learn to make him laugh,
    and keep connected whilst he's away,
    best you sit and learn to pray!... more »

  • The Siren Gets A Bad Report!

    The Siren gets a bad report,
    because of all that people thought,
    jealousy has played a part,
    in keeping Sirens and their man apart.... more »

  • Y'Our Dna Timeline

    Who is in Y'OUR family?
    What did THEY used to do?
    How did they pass their time alive?
    And in their passing too!... more »