you know Biography

all of the poems that appair on this are about my girlfriend.we are going through a real hard time right now and I love her with all that makes me.if i could relive the last year I would change so much like listen more and pay attention to her alot more.i wish I could hold her right now my heart longs for her scent, touch, and's driving me crazy, and i know she feels the same way about me but her parents don't like me and that put's us on hold for about the next 9 mounths.that is okay because that's about how long it will take for her to have OUR baby.hopefully by that time I can get a house and put alot of my money in a savings account for her and my child.All I can do is just prepare for the day i get to see her.Oh yes she is almost 18 and that is what we have been waiting for our whole relatioship.we have been togather for 4 years well on febuary 20th will make the 4 year complete and start on the 5th.i my self am only 18.please leave you comments about my poems and let me know the truth about your thoughts on I am not single I am still dating my girlfriend.thank you for visiting my profile and reading my life in words.