Yusuf Abdulazeez Ojo Quotes

'Constantly, you are on whitelist of my heart (Mind) '
'The ripest fruit man craves to catch first'
Beauty, Best, Woman
'Do a good deed that will defeat all bad deeds'
We are all define by our blood
Family, reunion, Nature
A good deed that defeat all past bad deeds. A good deed that defeat all bad deeds.
Wisdom, Forgiveness, Religion, Charity
'My Lord created floating lamps in the sky'
Nature, Benefit, Religion, Gratitude
'Allah has brighten the world by lamps'
Nature, Creation, Religion, Wisdom
'Crime unite people when interest is common'
Crime, Interest, People, Reason
'In present, the future you have never see, the past you have not meet, Qur'an and Hadith revealed it all to know, where all expressions are'
Knowledge, Religion, Science, Event
' A swan is not like a swine '