• Chicken Fry With Wine

    I sat with my crew,
    And began to brew,
    The clear old wine,
    For which I once paid a fine.... more »

  • Door

    There was something,
    The watchman came to seek,
    But suddenly, the door started to creak!... more »

  • Freedom

    This is the season,
    Of the long-awaited freedom;
    The cries have vanished,
    The cruel all banished.... more »

  • Gratitude

    I'm grateful for the mistakes I make,
    For, they help me shake,
    The mysteriously distracted mind,
    And let me get closer to my find.... more »

  • My Gaming Partner

    I switched on one of the computers,
    Which was no longer the future,
    I finally had my magnificent-looking desktop
    Be displayed on the table-top.... more »

  • Spain

    People here wear clothes made of satin.

    Their tongue is based on Latin.... more »

  • Toye

    (From non-studious student's point of view)
    Toye is the torture time,
    Which lasts till nine.... more »