• Day And Night

    the day will age to night
    and my story will be all i write
    about the times we have had
    we will dance upon lakes... more »

  • Fire

    The fire dances,
    reflecting in my eyes
    crackling like the wind
    The bones of trees ignite!... more »

  • Fire 2

    The sight in one's eyes.
    The fire can never die.
    The beauty that it is not only love,
    But indeed drive.... more »

  • Nightcry

    All the hate you dream in your heart
    has it faded yet?
    All the paint that an artist tears apart
    the canvas will forget...... more »

  • Prey

    Never, have I felt so victimized
    In your hands, you have me.
    You are the point at which the wounds
    Stop bleeding... more »

  • The Hateful Darkness

    The wind calls thoroughly through the trees,
    But yet no one hears
    the sound of it calling
    fragile as snapping bones... more »