• A Friend Indeed

    like a shadow beside me
    you were there through thick and thin
    held my hand and kept me save
    in times of despair and grief... more »

  • All About Us

    you lifted me
    made me fly
    without wings... more »

  • Alone

    last night, she sat by the fire
    her dark hair shone, her eyes glowed
    the news was all over town
    the boys were back from war... more »

  • Beautiful

    am standing here tonight
    wondering how i got here
    how did i make it past all those luring romeos
    how could you have chosen me over all?... more »

  • Because Of You

    because of you
    i have regained my strength
    my pride, my self esteem
    because of you... more »

  • Dont Cry For Me

    dont cry for me, young sailor
    you may have left me
    but you havent made me cry
    you may have broken my heart... more »

  • Every Man

    life is a mystery that sits unraveled
    leaving men with questions of how and why
    making us hopeless and failures
    as we wonder in confusion... more »

  • First Love

    i came back here tonight
    to remember you, my first love
    the trees are still the same,
    the flowers smell like they did when we were younger... more »

  • Foolish Cock

    the cock wakes us all up
    today is a special day
    my new sister is been outdoored... more »

  • I Tried My Best

    yes, i tried my best
    but my best had to be among the worst
    i thought i, ld be the first
    to make it through the test... more »

  • In My Heart

    in my heart are three chambers
    with three golden locks

    one chamber has all the memories... more »

  • June Bug

    it was june
    the flowers were out
    the air felt sweet
    children came out to play... more »

  • Kissed In The Rain

    one night i met a harry
    looked just like any other tom
    he bought an ice cream in the park
    and held my hand as we walked... more »

  • Let Me Walk With You

    o, master let me walk with you
    through the fields of thorn and prey
    through the rivers and the snow
    close to yours may my feet throd... more »

  • Looking For Love

    I am out to search
    For the end to my problems
    I need to find a remedy
    For all this pain and sorrow... more »

  • Mistress Anne

    at night when all go to sleep
    i sit by the window
    too afraid to close my eyes
    i dont want to imagine her in your arms... more »

  • My Dearest Friend

    a friend to match my lonely heart
    a race to run with you by me
    a lot to learn together as one
    with you by me, strong as a staff... more »

  • My Love For You

    like the beat of my heart
    like the sound of the rain
    like the smile of a baby
    so is my love for you... more »

  • Of A Lights Out Night

    out of the blue...whooom
    power cut
    darkness eats up the room
    hot air attacks my flushed skin... more »

  • Remember Me

    remember me when you find another
    i am forever gone but my spirit remains with you
    everytime you hold her hand
    think of our lonely walks in the park... more »

  • Sacrifice

    we come to you
    bearing gifts of oil and saphire
    to make a sacrifice at your feet
    we come as humble servants... more »

  • Secrets

    when i met you
    it was just by incidence
    i never took seriously
    the way you smiled... more »

  • She

    she labors
    day and night without break
    fighting for the right to live
    red swollen eyes and a broken back... more »

  • Silence

    a lonely walk on a sandy beach
    not a single bird in sight
    the sun brings moist to my eyes
    silence... more »

  • Tear Drop

    if i were a tear drop
    i, ll softly caress your cheeks
    kiss your fears away
    and then slowly... more »