• Eulogy For A Braver Heart Than Mine

    This is for Rachel Corrie
    Who succeeded where I fail
    Before whose noble death
    My own life seems pale... more »

  • Fajr In Fear

    There is a nagging gnawing on the inside of my self
    It’s the feeling of my body giving up before its time.
    In the quiet twilight hours between one prayer and another
    Once I prayed for health... more »

  • From The Homely Brother

    I want you too much to take you
    And cherish you too much to cheapen
    So sister accept my distance
    And watch my love slowly deepen... more »

  • Insha'Allah

    A heart so torn will bleed, and bleeding so congeals
    That a darkened outer covering will block the touch that heals
    A heart then stripped will bleed, and with bleeding fingers I
    Begin to mend again a heart that otherwise would die... more »

  • Materialists

    Materialists, they fail to see that joy is not in quantity
    And saintly we will only pay for two good shoes for every day
    Who cares if they cost the earth?
    We get out money's worth.... more »

  • My Abu Talib

    For my mother.

    Could you see God with my eyes
    I would tear them out and grant them.... more »

  • Nablus Now

    In Auschwitz it dripped
    In Nablus now it drips
    From flesh it freshly flowed
    As in Nablus now it rips... more »

  • Rubaiyaat I-Xv

    All Praise is for Allah
    Who burdened me with pain
    And bent my stiffened neck... more »

  • Rubaiyaat Xvii

    ... more »

  • Victory

    Never mind you’re full of shrapnel,
    Ignore the bullet in your head.
    Celebrate, my boys, my men
    Even if you’re dead.... more »

  • Wal-'Adiyati

    By the steeds and the sparks of their hooves
    I am, to my Lord, an ungrateful horse
    Here I stand tethered without any rope
    Without any harness except that of hope... more »

  • Why I Should Love Something As Worthless As You

    You came to me (an ocean tide
    carried you to where I lay)
    My heart, two shells, they opened up
    To tuck you deep away.... more »