Z H Khan Poems

Fajr In Fear

There is a nagging gnawing on the inside of my self
It’s the feeling of my body giving up before its time.
In the quiet twilight hours between one prayer and another
Once I prayed for health... more »

Eulogy For A Braver Heart Than Mine

This is for Rachel Corrie
Who succeeded where I fail
Before whose noble death
My own life seems pale... more »

Why I Should Love Something As Worthless As You

You came to me (an ocean tide
carried you to where I lay)
My heart, two shells, they opened up
To tuck you deep away.... more »

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Comments about Z H Khan

adil Khan 21 Nov 2006 10:58
hy zeba woderfull poem keep it up
Zeba Khan 04 May 2005 12:11
Lol, I've had worse criticism, Peter, and I think it made a better writer out of me. Well, I hope it did anyway... Thank you so much for dropping me a line. :)