• Clouds

    walking to the clouds, and beyond one wonders
    what’s above because already its known what’s under
    maybe were bored of life, and want to fly around,
    but when we try and fly, it’s like driving underground... more »

  • Cold

    ... more »

  • Disappearance

    I’m so ashamed,
    I’m so lucky and yet so gone,
    it fells no one notices my disappearance
    but his disappearance is out and into the vast where if I was last,... more »

  • Nothing

    In life we are alone
    Discouraged and disowned
    We feel that we need everything
    But really we don’t we anything... more »

  • Our Love

    Our love is worth more than gold and silver
    Used to b strong, but now it suffers
    Like a knife in the fruit, its sweet as the summer
    As the snow falls, so does the hour... more »